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Guided by more than five years of R&D across various spatial computing/XR platforms, we are constructing the consummate recommendation engine and data analytics platform that matches business use case needs with the optimal technology and provides crucial intelligence about user experience that decision-makers can harness to improve their brand presence & engagement in the XR world.





Where Experience Design
Meets Data Science

Enterprises currently have no utility to help measure the success of their XR initiatives. Decision-makers are left stumped, not knowing whether the juice was worth the squeeze. At Chateauz™ we believe that actionable data drives innovation and propels meaningful brand engagement. Here is a sneak peek into our approach.

chateauz data science dashboard

The question wouldn't be what is a "metaverse," XR/VR/AR, NFT, crypto, blockchain, per se, but it would be about how do we genuinely create content, products, and services that have meaningful and more significant impact on our employees, our community and customers by fully leveraging XR technologies.

Mel Lim Founder & CEO



Actionable Insights

:: THE HOLY GRAIL: KNOWING THE When, How, What, Who, Where and Why

It all started with an observation...that a colleague with whom we've been working for years, who is typically the least engaged participant (in the usual Zoom calls), suddenly had a massive behavioral change when he was in his avatar. Conversational, lively, and beyond engaged, he essentially took over the meeting and led the team through various 3-Dimensional presentations in the XR world.

Key insights like these are critical, as they enable enterprises to not only understand the WHY's but empower them to recreate the "stickiness." When pairing qualitative information like insights, preferences, motivations and reasons for behaviors, with quantitative data, decision-makers will ultimately have the holy grail to scaling meaningful engagements in spatial computing.


  • User Interaction & Engagement
  • User Behavior
  • Business Use Cases
  • Content Engagement
  • User Segmentation | Internal vs. External
  • Interoperability | Platforms & Devices
  • Governance, Data, and Identity
  • Tokenomics | Token-Gating
  • Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Real-Time Market Insights & Trends
  • And more...

The Mycorrhizal Network

Mycorrhizal Network, AI/ML, NFT/Tokenomics, Spatial Computing, Wearable Tech/ RFID/ NFC, AR/ VR/ Device, Brick and Mortar

The XR world is part of an interconnected web of technologies: blockchain, spatial computing, AI, ML and AR/VR/MR devices, and cloud computing. This mycorrhizal network is catalyzing and shaping how we collaborate, work, socialize, and engage. Chateauz™ sits in the center of this complexity and is helping companies answer "WHAT degree of an impact do you want to create-ethically, culturally, emotionally, and socially?"

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